Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buda Buda Buda Buda Buda Buda

Here are the pictures from Budapest! They are really out of order... I am still new to this blog thingy...
This was my favorite place in Budapest! It was Beautiful I loved it... as you can see.


City Hall. It was breath taking. All I can say.

Touring group... it was a party. 

Walking up to the top of the hill. We love adventure!

It was a beautiful city!

Almost to the top. 
We were all so excited to board the train. Dream come true. Too bad I didn't have a copy of Harry Potter to read. Next time. 

Some Palace. 

Showing off our cool tickets!

Finally in Budapest. Can't tell by this picture but when we first got off the train it was sketch town. Thought we were going to get robbed. This train station totally reminds me of Anastasia. So of course we sang some songs. 

Maddie and me in front of the City Hall. It was a really cool building. 

We were so excited to see that Budapest wasn't some creepy town. We spent a good while here taking pictures. 

Climbing up the hill... 

Taking the cable car to the Palace. 

Instead of taking pictures in front of buildings that we had no idea what they were we decided to take some pictures by the dumpsters. Second best picture of the trip. 

JUNO!! We loved him. We had a deep  two hour gospel discussion with him. It was really cool. Baptized... Just kidding not yet. If you ever go to Budapest you have to stay at his Hostel. Home to Home. Is was a great first hostel experience. 

For some reason a whole street was shut down. It was random. Best picture of the trip! LOVE IT!

In front of St. Stephan's... Absolutely beautiful. It is a must see. Inside there was a wedding going on. Pretty cool.

Oh my gosh I am HARRY POTTER! 

Word of advice... never rent swimsuits. The end. 

St. Stephan's
 It was a great trip. Budapest was beautiful. Hungarians are extremely nice.
But being away from Vienna just made me love it more.
Vienna truly is the best city in this world!

Monday, September 19, 2011

We radiant Americanness....

Here is what I have been experiencing in this incredible city for the past week...
Here is Elysse and Lindsay in our beautiful hotel room that we stayed in our first night.

...and in the hotel there was a Lizzy McGuire movie! Had to take a picture!

Naomi and me in the Strassbahn..


First day of school picture!

Our amazing garden.

Rauthaus.. it is right by the LDS institute. 

Love this picture! 

WE HAVE AUSTRIAN FRIENDS... or at least one and a Asian friend who lives in Scotland.

Our favorite Austrian treat.. coco carmel Manner! 

Amanda, Elysse, and I in the Wien Museum on our first class excursion. 

I love that this is what I first see when I get to school.

Ubahn! Love it!

Prater park! Has the perfect old carnival feel... We went on two rides. First the BLACK MAMBA. It was probably the freakiest ride I have ever been on... but I LOVED it! Elysse and I are with our new friends Oliver and Lucas.

The next ride we went on were swings that went about 300 feet high. This was my favorite thing I have done in Vienna thus far. It was incredible to see the city at night. It was completely unreal. Thanks to Buck! (He highly recommended this.)

After we went to Prater we got the best ice cream I have ever had. Oliver recommend the best flavors, momo and Mozart. And I added in Grapefruit. We are quite obsessed with ice cream... We had a grad total of 4 ice cream stops in the total of 8 days.

After we got our ice cream we walked through the inner city. This is when I would say that I fell in love with the city. It was absolutely beautiful. Like a dream...

For our first Experiencing Vienna class we went on the oldest ferris wheel. This is also in Prater. It was so fun to go with the whole group and experience Sister Minert's fear of heights. 

Institute class on Wednesday nights.

Our nightly city walks. Oliver and I striking posses! 

In front of the Hofburg Palace.

Oliver got us free tickets to a European Volleyball final, Finland vs. Italy. It was a party.